Opening archives in Konqueror

Derek Broughton news at
Tue May 8 19:53:17 BST 2007

newburghmark at wrote:

> That's a default setting and right clicking on the object should give
> you other options.  Having a file browser that feels the need to
> immediately unzip every zip file on it's system must be a real mess.  I
> just upgraded yesterday which means I haven't had time to screw up my
> default settings.  That isn't happening with me, yet.

Please don't top-post.  It makes it difficult to have a conversation.

In the first place, when konqueror treats an archive like a directory, it
doesn't have to unzip anything.  It just needs (at least initially) to
display the contents.  That's pretty cheap for any archive.  Tell me, which
is messier, a file browser that insists on opening every archive in a
separate program and window, or one that previews it in place?

Also, while I don't _know_ the internals of the konqueror/ark business, I
would be willing to bet that there's actually no real difference in what
happens.  Konqueror will use an "ark-part", and so will ark, so it's only
the front end that changes.  This is exactly what happens with every other
embedded viewer in konqueror.

I could _probably_ fix the behaviour by reinstalling my old .kde settings
over the current ones, but I'd rather know exactly which ones are to blame.

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