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Rashid ul Islam rashid786 at
Mon May 7 21:05:48 BST 2007

On 07/05/07, Chris Maaskant <gch2 at> wrote:
> Clay Weber schreef:
> > Naw, not at all, ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage (like
> gnome-desktop)
> > but it has all the ubuntu-specific goodies. Just install the
> > ubuntu-desktop, and it should all be good :)
> Doesn't this mess up you're kde menu?
> Or install and use gdm as default dm?
> I believe i had done this in the past when i was running kubuntu in vmware
> and installing ubuntu-desktop messed up kde with things like using gedit
> as
> default editor, i can't remember what exactly happend it was a while ago.
> So is it safe to do now?
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> Chris Maaskant.
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Chris, I did it a while ago too and got exactly what you're talking
about...was very annoying. I had a tonne of Gnome apps in the KDE menu, gdm
instead of kdm, esd didn't work under gnome, I think gedit loaded instead of
kate too.

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