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anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Sun May 6 13:30:33 BST 2007

Knapp wrote:

> Don't know if it is standard but I use amaroke and streamtuner.

I find that streamtuner about useless.
Why doesn´t it log me into 365, show my presets, and/or play any of them 
for me?
I gave it my usename and password.
I find it simpler to just go to in Konq and play the streams 
from the website.
And Radio UOL streams, too.

Amarok is okay (my cousin is on the devteam), but I can
get it to play .mp3, and can figure out why.
Kaffiene and xmms both play them.
Also, although I do have libvisual installed, it refuses to display visuals.
kaffeine won´t play any video for me, or show visuals (I get a blank 
blue screen..scary, makes me think of [Aaargh] windows).
Of course, xmms is really my default audio player.
Itś really the simplest and easiest for me to use.
I already have all of my music organized, so, I just tell it to play
a particular directory, or group thereof, etc., and make a playlist and 
let it go.
And for video, mplayer.
But if I could get kaffeine functioning, I would use it. I used it under 
fedora and dug it.


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