How to list an UUID?

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Fri Mar 30 03:15:16 BST 2007

Derek Broughton <news at> writes:
> Daniel Pittman wrote:
>> If you mean "it is hard to add a UUID to fstab" I would have to
>> disagree; running 'blkid /dev/sdXN' and putting the result into place is
>> probably less difficult than working out how to format the device in the
>> first place.
> Yeah, but it's easier to say "it's the third partition so I use
> /dev/sda3" than pasting the result of blkid.

I don't disagree there.  In general, when I need to, I tend to mount by
label rather than UUID. ;)

> Specifically for swap partitions, uuid is _not_ very stable (at least when
> hibernate gets involved).  I've had to use mkswap a number of times because
> of problems with hibernation.  

Ah, but that isn't a property of hibernation (as such) but, rather, of
your running mkswap on the partition you used for hibernation.

The UUID in the swap partition is dead-stable until something (like the
user) rewrites it.

I will readily agree that mount-by-UUID can be inconvenient if you are
developing or testing software that requires routine reformatting of
your swap partition.

You should probably mount your swap by label and assign a consistent
label to the device. :)

>> Also, notably, the folks who are not comfortable with finding the UUID
>> will generally be using the friendly GUI tools that automate the process
>> for you.
> Which gui tools would those be?  I haven't found an fstab manager, but
> it would be nice.

My understanding was that gparted handled all that stuff.  Am I wrong?

Likewise I thought that the KDE disks and file systems module, in System
Settings, was able to handle formatting and mount entries correctly.

I confess that I just do it the old fashioned hand-hacked way when I
need to, so I may be misinformed on the capabilities of the software.

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