anyone running Kubuntu & vmware, or kubuntu & codeweavers?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Fri Mar 30 05:16:44 BST 2007

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Art Alexion <art.alexion at> writes:
>> On Tuesday 27 March 2007 19:44, Earl Violet wrote:
>>> did you try "sudo deborphan"?
>> I installed deborphan and its GUI gtkorphan.  I have run it a few
>> times to identify libs it thinks are orphaned, but it appears to
>> identify some libs as orphaned when I don't think they are.  I am
>> nervous about using it.
> My personal preference is to use aptitude(8) to install and manage
> packages.  Aside from being a good and responsive curses UI it has the
> nice feature of tracking automatically installed packages.

You can also use these features from the command-line, with the same
syntax as apt-get .  E.g.

sudo aptitude install dependent-package

Matt Flaschen

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