How to list an UUID?

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Thu Mar 29 07:11:22 BST 2007

"Michael W. Holdeman" <lists at> writes:
> On Wednesday 28 March 2007 09:48:44 pm Daniel Pittman wrote:
>> "Ali Milis" <almilis at> writes:
>> > On 3/28/07, Daniel Pittman wrote:
>> >> If you mean "when I installed the system why did the UUID of my swap
>> >> change" the answer is: because, generally, I don't think anyone
>> >> considered that a high priority use case.
>> >
>> > I am just wondering then, what is the advantage of using
>> > UUID for swap in a /etc/fstab file?
>> Well, the UUID is absolutely stable in general -- most people install
>> one Linux and never change it.  AFAIK nothing else should cause it to
>> change.
>> Using the UUID means that your system will work if the layout of disk
>> devices changes -- that way when your devices are moved from hdX to sdX
>> in the transition to libata, or when you rearrange your SATA cables or
>> add another controller ... things still work.
> But if you decide the disk is tight and ad another just for /home, you
> can't easily set up the fstab file with uuid??

I don't quite follow your question here.

If you mean "it is hard to add a UUID to fstab" I would have to
disagree; running 'blkid /dev/sdXN' and putting the result into place is
probably less difficult than working out how to format the device in the
first place.

Also, notably, the folks who are not comfortable with finding the UUID
will generally be using the friendly GUI tools that automate the process
for you.

Perhaps you had some other question in mind though?

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