Dapper -> Edgy and blank screen after splash

jerry jerryturba at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 21 18:35:38 GMT 2007

Carlos Barros wrote:
> Hi list!
> I've upgraded from dapper to edgy last week. Everything
> was fine, but when I rebooted, I get a blank screen
> just after the splash goes away. I can notice that it
> is not a terminal screen (80x25). It remains
> the splash screen conf, but without the logo. I cant
> do anything at this point, just reset or ctrl+alt+del.
> If I remove the splash from grup options, I can
> boot without any problem. Doing some more tests
> I noticed that if I put video=vesafb vga=0x314, I
> get a very big logo in my screen but I can
> boot without problems (but my console is
> with a very low resolution, the chars are very
> big) Another vga= it didnt work cause any other
> value is not valid.
> I have a nvidia card and I'm using the nvidia binary driver
> in X.
> Any one had the same problem??
> Thanks
> Carlos Barros
Since no one has responded to you question i thought I might give a try, 
but I am by no means an expert with Linux.

I also lost the splash screen and the scrolling info going by after I 
did a kernel recompile. The system does still boot even though nothing 
is scrolling  by on the screen. You may have to hit Ctrl-D to keep it 
going. Did you try to see what is happening during the boot by looking 
at the other terminals? Alt-CTRL-F1 to F8.

I have not figured out out to get the splash back yet but since I only 
reboot every few months it is not a very high priority.

I have a matrox card and can't help with the nvidia.


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