EPSON prefection 4490 photo scanner

Donn donn.ingle at
Mon Mar 19 07:19:30 GMT 2007

> This gets back to something I was reading on /. the other day.  If you
> recommend Windows, and something goes wrong, it's Microsoft's fault.  If
> you recommend Linux, and something goes wrong, it's all your fault.
I think this is a subtle yet large slice of the reason why commercial software 
is so prevalent. Blame is big business.

> and what I got
> was years of people bugging me with questions about that stupid piece of
> hardware that I only managed to keep working for a few weeks, before the
> whole delicate house of cards came tumbling down.
You write a howto on the Ubu forums and you don't include your email. You also 
write a disclaimer like "If this does not work for you, tough", and then you 
go about your business... those are not the droids you are looking for :)

> I wound up taking a sledge hammer to that stupid printer.
Oh the pure ecstasy of hardware revenge. I had that moment with a Canon 
printer years ago. I still think on it fondly.

> It's a good
> thing for Linuxdom that not everybody around here is as bitter and jaded as
> I am.  :) --
Michael -- you keep saying how jaded you are, one of these days I'm gonna call 
the Chinese and say you're pinching all their jade! I reckon you ain't as all 
that since you post and help out here all the time. Secretly you're a 
good-guy and you like to help others!


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