SATA newbie questions

Ron Morse rbmorse at
Sun Mar 18 14:19:09 GMT 2007

On Sunday 18 March 2007 03:37:07 Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> To show all installed packages:
> dpkg -l

Since this is Kubuntu, you have the KDE GUI package manager, Adept, installed. 
I prefer dpkg because it is a lot faster and more direct, but  
<alt><spacebar>a+d+e<enter> should start Adept.  Provide password when 
prompted, then wait for Adept to load. When it finishes, uncheck the option 
box toward the top for "not installed."  Clicking on any item in the list 
will produce details. 

> If you want to search for particular installed package names, try e.g.:
> dpkg -l | grep xserver*
> There should be a better way to do this, but if so I don't know it.

Theres is, if you don't mind the GUI. Open Adept and type the name of the 
package (or some part of it) in the dialog box. 

Ron Morse

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