EPSON prefection 4490 photo scannerLe

Denis Gaulin 2050gaulin at
Sun Mar 18 15:41:37 GMT 2007

le 18 mars, 2007

I thank you very much Michael for the input....  The F1 key I will use from 
now on to go much faster at getting info.

Actually I am a newfy ( in diffent OS system ) from St-Bruno, Québec, Canada  
stuck in mountaain of snow today.....! 

Have a good day

Denis Gaulin

Le Mars 18, 2007 02:03 AM, D. Michael McIntyre a écrit :
> On Saturday 17 March 2007 10:12 pm, Denis Gaulin wrote:
> > newcomers  ( people like me who know very little ). The Documentation
> > should present the names of all the different programs included  in an
> > alphebatical order with a simple description of what they do, serve or
> > support...   Ex. What is Ark ? I do not know.
> That sounds easier to do than it actually would be.  There are hundreds,
> probably thousands of programs installed out of the box.  Most of them
> should have a description in the help system somewhere, either as KDE help
> or man pages.  ("Man pages" are the old style UNIX help system.  "Man" is
> short for "manual.")
> If you press F1 from just about anywhere, it should open the KDE Help
> Center. From there, you can use the left pane of the window to navigate
> through the help for everything, whether it's a KDE application or not.
> >  For instance I am still not sure of what is the purpose of ALSA what it
> > does, etc... Nothing is said in the Documentation.
> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.  You might not need to know anything
> about ALSA.  Most things should work out of the box, unless you have
> advanced requirements.
> > Remenber we are newfy!  to linux OS
> You're only a newfy to Linux if you're a newbie who lives in Newfoundland. 
> :)
> > 	Anyway After 2 full nights of reading all the definitions of every
> > package in Adept  I found '' libsane'' .  I installed the package but
> > nothing happened for my scanner...
> Ron posted a recipe for you to follow on this one.  Executing his
> instructions will probably leave you scratching your head, so do feel free
> to ask for clarification.
> The situation you face with that scanner is unfortunate.  Hardware under
> Linux is a range from working out of the box effortlessly to no hope of
> ever getting it to work.  Your scanner appears to fall in toward the "no
> hope" end, but not quite all the way there.  You are going to have to learn
> more than the average newbie just starting out, but at least you know
> someone before you got the thing to work.  That is very helpful.
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre

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