cant dist-upgrade, broken repository ??

Donn donn.ingle at
Mon Mar 12 10:36:44 GMT 2007

> Mmmh... "my bug" disappeared - repository was most probably updated...
Good thing.

> Concerning the kept back thing, it looks like the packages that can't be
> updated depend on other unavailable packages (try to install the
> dependencies of the new packages in apt to find which one ?) , or that
> you're just updating and not using 'dist-upgrade' (the simple apt update
> can't install/remove new packages)
Well, I eventually tried dist-upgrade and it removed the dvd+rw-tools package 
entirely - so now I can't write dvds anymore. When I try to install that 
package it indicates a broken situation again. Weird. I don't have time to 
fight with packages now so it's just gonna linger for a while. (Besides I'm 
no good at it)


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