A request for your input.

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at optonline.net
Mon Mar 12 07:12:39 GMT 2007

Your survey seems to assume that anyone using OSS is a developer.
I am not.  I am a teacher and a translator.
I know nothing of software development.
I find it difficult to give accurate responses to your survey questions,
because the options do not accurately reflect the truth of my situation.

Anthony Baldwin

lmth at deakin.edu.au wrote:

>My name is Lara Thynne and I am a PhD candidate at Deakin University
>Australia.  I am currently researching the boundary between work and
>leisure activities directly related to the open source community and
>open source program development.
>As part of this I am running a survey at the following address.

--------BEGIN GEEK CODE--------
Version: 3.1
GED/FA/H/L$ d-- s-:-- a C++ L+++ W++ w--- M PS++ PE-- PGP+ t+ tv-- b++++ G e++++ h---- r++++ y++++
--------END GEEK CODE----------

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