Where is Kcontrol?

Chris kubuntu at eportel.com
Wed Jun 27 00:15:08 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-26 at 20:47 -0230, TerraNova wrote:
> You could add kcontrol to the start menu or:
> Right-click on the panel
> Click on "Configure Panel"
> Select "Menus"
> Under "Optional Menus" check "Settings"
> Click "Apply"
> You should now see "Settings" above "Run Command"
> This gives you access to the Control Centre and also the individual 
> modules.

That was also very helpful.  WHY is this menu so "out of the way"?  Do
you have any idea why this is not tied into the "Systems Settings" menu
with the rest of the configuration applets?


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