Most apps won't start

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Tue Jun 26 00:23:27 UTC 2007

Chris wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I've had this problem on more then one Ubuntu and Kubuntu systems.  I'll
>go to start and application and it will attempt to start.  The task bar
>and bouncing cursor icon will indicate that the application is going to
>start, but nothing happens. Then the taskbar and bouncing cursor icon
>disappears and nothing happens.
>As an example I just plugged in a 512mb SD memory card to upload some
>pictures to this Kubuntu machine.  When the card was inserted in the
>card reader it promts me as to what to do.  I choose to open it in
>DigiKam. It open I uploaded the pics off the card to the PC.  An hour
>later I tried to open open the picture with DigiKam and it starts the
>load...and does nothing but bounce the cursor icon and show DigiKam in
>the taskbar...then it doesn't load and the task bar and cursor icon
>disappear.  This happens with some other application too.
>Any idea on how to fix this?
>Thanks guys,
Can you start the app from the terminal?
I´m not sure where Digikam is, but likely, something like
% /usr/bin/DigiKam
If you don´t know where it is, first do % whereis digikam
That should give the location of the command to start the app.
Then, try the command above.
The terminal should at least give an error command, if the app still 
does not successfully start.
Post that to the list (the error msg).
Understand, I am no expert, but, I´ve learned that the above procedure, 
at least,
is far more likely to produce effective results on a list like this.
The real experts may be able to interpret the error msgs and give you a 

On the same note, yesterday I had the same issue with kpdf (not 
starting, bouncing icon, et al.)
I logged out and back in and it worked fine.
Go figure.
These things have a mind of their own...


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