Kubuntu will not read one computer on a Windows Network.

andrew list at loampitsfarm.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 09:38:33 BST 2007

On Friday 22 June 2007 19:21, Joseph Wagner wrote:
> What happens when you enter the ip address of the machine in
> Konqueror?   Ex. smb://

I've been following this discussion and wondering why I cannot see 
windows shares and I keep getting "timeout on server" from Konqueror 
yet the same command in Firefox works on one windows xp box but not 
the other!

I can see the attempt at connection in the network systray icons but 
it simply fails.

So I am in the position that I can freely share files between the two 
windoes boxes and between one windows box and this kubuntu one if I 
use Firefox  but not Konqureor

Andrew Heggie

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