user account crash: SOLVED

Nicolas Ouellette nicolas.ouellette at
Sat Jun 23 12:33:01 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

After tinkering a bit, I found the source of my problems and wanted to share 
it with you. It was a stale lock file located in the ~/.qt directory.

I use QtCurve as my default style, and it seems that there was a bug in the 
version i just upgraded.

According to Earl's suggestion, I renamed my ~/.kde to something else and 
started copying config files  to the new ~/.kde. Being a desktop-look-freak, 
I wanted it to look as comfy and eye-pleasing as it was, so I just went to 
System Settings to change the style to QtCurve, and then... the System 
Settings crashed!!! Now THAT was a clue!

I opened a konsole, and did a "locate curve", just to see what would come up.
To my surprise, I found a .qtcurvestylerc.lock, just lying there. Deleting it 
was the cure.

Thank you all for your kind help. 
Nicolas Ouellette
√Čtudiant au M.A, philosophie
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