Kubuntu will not read one computer on a Windows Network.

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at michaelzoet.de
Sat Jun 23 12:54:01 UTC 2007

Hi I'm new to the list but hopefully I can help you.
> /Joseph Wagner <wagner at miller-engineering.com  wrote
> Make sure the "File and Printer Sharing" exception is checked in the 
> firewall config of the XP machine you can't access.
> What happens when you enter the ip address of the machine in Konqueror?  
> Ex. smb://
> REPLY - Still no luck!! Even with the firewall turned off completely I get "Time Out" error in Konqueror when I click on the machine icon.
> However if I enter the ip address I can see the machine!!??
If you can access the machine by IP address but not by the name perhaps
you have a name resolution error?
How does the name resolution in your network works? Unix old style
(/etc/hosts)? Windows old style (smb host list)? DNS?
Or something else?

I have looked up one of my stand alone SAMBA configurations. There I have

name resolve order = wins lmhosts bcast

Perhaps tweaking this for your network setup can help.

You can also try smbclient - an ftp like command line tool for SMB/CIFS
smbclient //$SERVER_NAME/$SHARE
with the IP address or name should work. If not look at the error message.

> Any explanation?  Thanks for the help..... Lots to learn
> Ian Whitfield
Hope this helps,


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