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Nicolas Ouellette nicolas.ouellette at
Fri Jun 22 23:56:39 UTC 2007

On Friday 22 June 2007 19:36:02 Jeremy Anderson wrote:

> > They crash, or simply fail to start at all?  Do you get a KDE crash
> > handler dialog, or do you just see a spinning hourglass that runs for
> > about 30 seconds before giving up?

They crash. I get a crash dialog, but it also crashes after a few seconds, so 
I can't get the error messages I want, crash pile, etc. 

> > A spinning hourglass is your clue to run the application from a command
> > line, and see what errors it reports (and then post them.)
> >
> > If you get a KDE crash handler dialog, do you get a crash for each
> > individual application, or are you getting a crash on something else,
> > like, say, Kicker?

The crash is for each individual app.  Furthermore, running an app with Alt+F2 
will crash the "Run" window, the app willl obviously not launch and the 
desktop will all become black (kicker will not crash though) and reappear 1-2 
seconds after.

> >
> > If you do get a crash dialog for KMail,and one for Konqueror, and one for
> > digiKam, etc., then what do these crash dialogs have in common?

Dunno, since I can't get the crash pile!!!

> >
> > There's bound to be a clue.  An X authority problem is not a bad idea.

If this is the problem, then I really don't know what to do about it. 

> > --
> > D. Michael McIntyre

> Please don't forget to look at log files in /var/log or wherever else the
> program you are trying to run put them.  Syslog messages are usually pretty
> good.   Running an app from the command line like Michael said is always a
> good idea too.  
> Jeremy

If I start an app from the konsole, konsole will also crash, so, then again, I 
can't get any error message. DOH!

I will do some more tests, try to find something in the logs, and be back with 
more info.

Nicolas Ouellette
M.A. Philosophy

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