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Nicolas Ouellette nicolas.ouellette at
Fri Jun 22 21:58:34 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

  Since this morning,  95% of the apps I try to launch from my regular user 
account crash. This includes most KDE apps (konsole, kontact, kopete, 
konqueror, kaffeine...), most GTK apps (firefox, oofice).  Even if I logon to 
a GNOME session, everything also crashes. Other users are unaffected, though.

  I'm trying to figure what could've happened, but I'm clueless. A stale lock 
file somewhere? A virus? An X authority problem?  I don't know what or where 
to look for.

 I ran clamscan and a few files like this one came up:  

/home/xxx/.klamav/quarantine/1161303535.17016.jApH0:2,S:lun octobre 30 2006 
08-48-58-983 am: HTML.Phishing.Pay-187 FOUND

The scan is still running, so maybe something else will come up. The 100$ 
question is: Even though it's almost impossible, could I've been infected?!? 
Could this be the cause of my problems? Is there a quick and easy way I could 
restore my account without manually copying all files to a new account?
Any help is welcome.

Best regards,
Nicolas Ouellette
M.A., philosophy
Registered linux user

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