installing program in kubuntu

Stew Schneider stew.schneider at
Tue Jun 19 22:39:52 BST 2007

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Stew Schneider wrote:
>> What is the current position of the developers on Easyubuntu? I have two 
>> non-profits that now decide they want to listen to music. For the life 
>> of me I can't get Dapper to play tunes on either machine.
> What kind of formats do you want to play?  If you install
> libxine-extracodecs that should let you play most formats (including
> proprietary ones) in Amarok.
> Matt Flaschen
I realized I was thread-jacking and posted a follow-up, viz.:

> I have two boxes at a non-profit. Neither will play music.
> Box #1 won't play a CD, but we do have sound otherwise
> Box #2 is completely mute. kmix from the console complains about not 
> finding a device or not being able to open it. kmix also cannot find 
> any valid mixers. alsamixer gives an open error. ls /dev/dsp gives 
> nothing and neither does /dev/snd
> I'm almost certain I solved this one time, but don't recall how. Any 
> hints? 
It's embarrassing! Something as simple as playing a CD or music from the 
net shouldn't involve this much tearing of garments.

I told them I'd install Feisty tomorrow, and that may resolve the 
problem, but I sure had a red face today.


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