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ac "aec$news" at
Tue Jun 19 19:47:31 UTC 2007

dicky s wrote:
> i want to install firefox from feisty fawn cd. can
> somebody tell me step by step installation processes?
> i tried installing as if i worked in windows, i click
> its setup icon (looks like gear) but then there was a
> window asking me what program to open it. i did not
> know,but i thought it might be adept. but still,i did
> not know what to do later. i uses kubuntu
> 7.04,installed from cd i requested from ShipIt
> project. this is my first linux. thanks.


To install Firefox in Kubuntu Feisty (7.04)

Have the PC running and connected to the internet. Then:

K menu > Add/remove Programs
(enter your user password as requested)
(the Adept installer window appears soon)
you should see - Any Suite indicated
also, you should see  - a check x in each Unsupported, and Proprietary 
Software boxes

Notice the Search field at the top left side of the window.
Type into the search field:
(you should see the Firefox web browser appear in the list.
Click once in its check box and wait until it is accepted (black x)
Click on Apply Changes
(wait while packages are downloaded from the Repositories)
When all is complete, click Quit button.

Good luck

Kubuntu user

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