Mike Teehan detox.genie at
Tue Jun 19 17:24:19 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 10:37:46 am Greg Booth wrote:
> > Found some more info on error mentioned in first
> >
> > info on Azureus it tells me
> >
> > Error:Failed to create parent directory '/home/name of torrent etc'
> You need to create a directory under your home directory (  /home/<userid>
> ) to use for your torrent download default.
> Check your options, there should be something to the effect of "Where am I
> going to save my downloaded torrents to"
> I don't use Azureus either, most people on this board are going to be using
> KTorrent, just like I do.

Really, it doesn't make sense to use Azureus on KDE.  KTorrent is just as 
capable, and barely uses 1/4 of the system resources.  My cousin had 23 
torrents running, and KTorrent was using something like 25mb.  Just for 
laughs we tried it in Azureus and it used >100mb of ram, not to mention 
significantly more CPU time.

--- eMpTy

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