burning CDs

Greg Booth gwbooth at excite.com
Tue Jun 19 17:15:31 BST 2007

> Hi,I am trying to figure out how to burn CD's for my nephew, who

> is a long haul truck driver, I have put together a bunch of his

> favorite songs and a reading I had done. I would like to burn them

> to a CD so that he could play them on his CD player in his truck.

> However every time I try to burn a CD it will work on my computer

> but NOT in a CD player. How do I use K3B to write to a format that

> a typical CD player will recognize? And would it be okay to use CD-RW

> to burn them so I can change the playlist at times.

> Tim 

1. Make sure you're using "Create New Audio CD" in K3B ( assuming that's what you're using you never said ) You may need to install libk3b2-mp3 to be able to transcode mp3's to audio cd format.

2. CR-RW's while usable don't tend to work very well in cd players. I use them in my cd player in my car, but I sometimes have to put the cd in multiple ( up to say 10 or so at worst ) times to get it to finally read. The laser eyes in cd playback equipment is probably not nearly as good as the ones in computer equipment.

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