how to recover ntfs partition after format to reiserfs (during install)

Laszlo Kustan lkustan at
Tue Jun 19 06:40:26 UTC 2007

Hi all,
Here's my problem:
I started installing kubuntu Feisty, and at the partitioning phase something
messed up. I already had prepared a root partition and a home partition, but
forgot about the swap partition. As I had a 130 GB ntfs partition, I wanted
to take 512 MB from the 130 GB for swap partition. This operation ended up
with an error and now my 130 GB partition appears as a reiserfs partition
and it is empty. The whole thing happened very fast, I imagine that only
quickformat has been done on it. The 512 MB partition has not been created.
I did not mark the drive to be converted and formatted, only a simple resize
command has been given.
I installed Feisty without the swap partition.
Since then nothing has been written to this partition. What are my chances
to recover my data from the ntfs partition? and how can I do this?
I could use ntfs tools only if I would convert it back to ntfs, but this
operation would mess up even more the partition in my opinion, but maybe I'm
If some of you guys had such a problem and managed to solve it, please give
me some hints.
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