Milestone Achieved

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jun 18 13:20:38 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:

> 99% of the time users post a question asking for help (mine tend to be a
> bit obscure, I'll admit)--however, today, I am sharing a major linux
> accomplishment for me.
> Last night I was able to conquer setting up a
> Linux/Apache2/PHP5/MySQL5/MediaWIKI webserver on my laptop.  About a month
> of solid learning and effort went into getting all of the software gadgets
> to work with each other...lots of visits to Ubuntu WIKI/Forums, and some
> googling to get the configurations down.  Eight months and three Ubuntu
> versions to get to this point, starting with no knowledge of Linux, other
> than how to spell it correctly.
> Next step...get Tomcat running properly....then learning
> HTML/PHP/JAVA/SQL/WIKI code...not necessarily in that order.  I think I
> will buy some books to help me with those.

Getting tomcat working is easy.

# sudo aptitude install tomcat5-webapps tomcat5-admin libapache2-mod-jk

(or tomcat5.5 should be the same, but tomcat5 is what I know).

That's absolutely all there is to having a working system (and even then,
mod-jk is only needed if you want to access tomcat seamlessly through

Then drop your .war files in /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/, and one more little
config file for mod-jk (I don't have a copy of that) if you want to connect
through Apache.

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