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Eric ejazzkatt at
Mon Jun 18 11:25:09 UTC 2007

dicky s wrote:

Hi Dicky,

Welcome to the world of linux. I hope you find Kubuntu a pleasure to use.

I can't offer any solutions to your problem but I just wanted to make a 
suggestion. Lots of people are part of many mailing list. That can mean 
that they get a lot of mail. That means that lots of people don't read 
every message. They may delete it without reading it. They read the 
subject line and then decide if they want to read the message. I think 
it would be better if instead of saying "help me please" you had said 
something like "PC won't shut down. " Remember most people on the list 
want help or else they are answering someone who needs help so that 
saying help me please is not very descriptive. Someone who may have had 
the exact same problem you had might not read your message because of 
the subject line.

Just a suggestion.

Again, welcome to the world of linux.


> hi,im totally new in linux. i installed kubuntu a week
> ago, but i met a trouble: i cannot turn off my PC. i
> click log out, then click turn off, soon the monitor
> turns black and displays several lines seems like it
> informs what the system do at that time.the last line
> write will now halt, but my PC never turn off. when i
> press power button, still it cant turn off, instead,
> it continue writing in monitor, lines of message that
> i cant understand,but my pc still on. can somebody
> help me? thanks before.
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