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Greg Booth gwbooth at
Fri Jun 15 21:48:07 UTC 2007

> No, I didn't force anything. I downloaded the .deb file from the Gramps

> site and tried to install it. It came up with the error message about

> the wrong version of python and told me to type in 'exit' to finish. I

> did that and expected the installation to have aborted automatically.

> However when I tried Gramps I found that I was running the new version.

> But it is marked as broken in Adept. All because of the wrong version

> of python, when I have the required version anyway.

> Neil

Did you know Gramps 2.2.6 is included in the repositories ? Did you also know that's it's built upon the GTK widget set in python ?

 apt-cache show gramps

 gives the following:

 GRAMPS, the Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming

 System, is an Open Source genealogy program written in Python, using

 the GTK/GNOME interface.

Here's what I'd do. Install the regular version of gramps:

 sudo apt-get install gramps

then try to install your new deb file

 sudo dpkg -i <gramps deb file>

and see if it works then. Maybe you've got unmet dependencies from the GTK set that you'll pick up installing gramps from the ubuntu repositories.

Good luck !


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