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Fri Jun 15 12:10:45 UTC 2007

On Thursday 14 June 2007 18:43:38 Lee Eschen wrote:
> > This practice of "competition" is inhibiting our ability to develop and
> > distribute the software that we want in the manner we want to do so.
> It is only restricting you from doing so on the backs of the original
> developers.  If you want to write your own software to accomplish the
> same function, you are free to do so.  It sounds to me like you are just
> too lazy to write your own and want to steal the developments of others.

Wow.  You're a real quality guy, aren't ya?  If you'd actually read the whole 
paragraph rather than cutting out the point, you would have saw that I was 
actually pointing out that in many countries developing certain programs is 
illegal.  Developing a DVD player that plays encrypted DVDs in many countries 
is illegal.  Developing disk duplication programs that make backup copies of 
even copy-protected discs is illegal.  3D graphics driver development has 
been largely held back because many talented developers fear the legal 

> > You're using flawwed arguments to support unjust practices.
> You have no concept of logical debate, have you, manchicken?  The other
> person's argument will always be flawed to you.  You start from a
> completely different mindset and if you want others to understand your
> position, you have to explain it to them in rational terms.  Merely
> accusing your audience of flawed arguments goes nowhere.  It is not a
> valid technique of rational argument.

No, my statement there had more to do with the incredibly flawwed argument.  
Train rides have no more to do with software licensing than kittens have to 
do with space travel.  I wasn't accusing my audience of anything.  I was 
merely pointing out that the argument was flawwed and that the person was 
using these arguments to support unjust practices.  Plain and simple.  If you 
want to see what's unjust about them, google for the number of patents that 
Microsoft claims GNU/Linux infringes upon.  Are you going to tell me that 
proprietary software using their "intellectual property rights" to bully Free 
Software developers is a just practice?

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