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Neil Winchurst neil at
Thu Jun 14 10:48:10 UTC 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 16:52:30 -0400
Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at> wrote:

> I suspect that's because it is calling on 'python'  and as you said, you get 
> 2.4.
> What you need to do is to:
> sudo  rm /usr/bin/python     (remove the old symlink named python)
> sudo  ln -s  /usr/bin/python2.5  /usr/bin/python      (make a new symlink)
> This will point 'python'  to the 2.5 version.
I have looked in /usr/bin more carefully now. I see that I have files
pydoc, pydoc2.4 and pydoc2.5

pygettext, pygettect2.4 and pygettext2.5.

both pydoc and pygettext are links to the relevant file version 2.4. So
if I change the link 'python' above as per your suggestion, do I also
need to change these other links? It seems that although I was given
both version of python, all the 'plain' links point to the 2.4 versions
at the moment. There could be implications to changing these links.

Neil Winchurst

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