Skype telephone giveaway- but not for Linux users

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Wed Jun 13 21:22:39 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 13 June 2007 14:48:11 Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 June 2007, manchicken wrote:
> > Paying for things is not wrong.  I still do pay for GNU/Linux in many
> > situations to this day.  My objection isn't to cost, it is to restriction
> > of freedom.  When you pay for the toll road, you are free to choose any
> > exit. When you pay for a train you are free to get on and off at any stop
> > the train stops on within the range of your ticket.  You've completely
> > missed the point.
> And when you pay for a video card, you've paid for the priviledge of using
> that card for as long as you want, and discarding it or giving it away to
> someone else when you're done with it.
> Where's the restriction?
> When you're on a train, are you free to go up to the engine cab and make it
> go faster?  or slower?   You're allowed to ride, just like you are allowed
> to use the video card.
> I don't think YOU get it.

These shallow arguments are getting pretty old, don't you think?

It is not possible to copy a train ride.  It is not possible to modify the 
train ride as you are riding on someone else's property.  Software that is 
installed on my hard drive is my data.  No longer belonging to anybody but 
me.  I'm objecting to those who would say otherwise and try to control what I 
do with my property in the same way that the train company would object to me 
trying to control their equipment.

You're so focused on proving me wrong with some shallow comparison that you're 
not listening to your own argument.  Please find a compatible comparison 
before using another.

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