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Hi Neil,

Before you start the 'make, make install dance' (which I wouldn't recommend
unless you _really need_ the newest version), you can do "apt pinning",
given that there are more recent versions available (current feisty and
future gutsy):



2007/6/11, Neil Winchurst <neil at holsdev.vispa.com>:
> I am getting used to the Kubuntu (= Debian) method of getting upgrades
> to some of the programs on my computer. Much easier than the rpm files I
> used to use with Mandriva.
> I am wondering about the best way to upgrade some of the programs which
> never seem to change. I am running Edgy, and a simple example is
> python. When I installed Edgy I got version 2.4.4 of python. I see now
> that the latest version is 2.5. However I never see that come up as a
> choice when I am told that there are some upgrades available.
> What is the best way to upgrade please anyone? Should I download the
> tar file and extract it? Or do I need to go through the make, make
> install dance?
> Thanks
> Neil Winchurst
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