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WJ Seidl wjsvt at
Sat Jun 9 17:52:56 UTC 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
 > On Saturday 09 June 2007, damian wrote:
 >> Most things are working fine in my Kubuntu set up, but it all seems very
 >> quiet when I plug it into my amp. If all other devices plugged into the
 >> amp tend to be played at volume 2 or 3, Kubuntu needs to be set at 6 or
 >> 7. This is obviously a pain when switching between things.
 >> Is there a way of increasing the master volume more than the general 
 > No.  Maybe you could use a pre-amp?
Is a pre-amp a piece of hardware or software?

Excuse my ignorance. Visuals are my thing, don't know much about audio.


I had the same problem.  Very very quiet.
Check your sound card settings.  If your audio is built
onto the mother board, check the settings for sound also in BIOS just in 
case. IIRC, it's in Southbridge(?)

Also, check _where_you plugged it into your amp.  The sound card is a 
different output than
a CD player, for example.  You might try different inputs and see where 
it works best.
Failing that, you can always disable the sound portion of the mobo and 
a PCI sound card.

Luckily, for me, I was able to adjust the card output settings. I ended 
up plugging in to the "phono"
jacks on the amp, vs the CD inputs I had been using.
WJ Seidl

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