Boot questions

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Jun 9 17:15:11 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:

> On Friday 08 June 2007 12:17:26 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Larry Hartman wrote:

>> > So I added noapic and was unable to boot except in 
>> > recovery mode.  Here is the applicable boot.list portion:
> ok....I think I understand the difference.  I added it to the defoptions,
> and the default boot didn't boot, the alternate did....
Ah, sorry.  My fault.  I obviously read "able" instead of "unable"...
> Now my real point is that the MP-BIOS error is somehow related to APIC,
> but the suggested solution to add noapic to the boot process caused the
> system to
> not boot.  I think the issue is fairly rare, was hoping someone could give
> me definite pointers.

So does the 8254 error actually prevent booting?  If not, I wouldn't worry.

>> > 3.  Last, the final checkbox line in the boot has a "fail" warning.  I
>> > believe it has to do with apache2 webserver.....which does load...I see
>> > it in the
>> > memory....but the line goes by so quickly I can not read it all.  What
>> > file on the system contains all of these checkbox lines so that I can
>> > review them and troubleshoot?
>> Just use ctrl-alt-f8, and it puts you back to the terminal where the boot
>> process was logging.  Interestingly, when doing this to find out which
>> terminal it was on, I discovered one of _my_ last scripts (S99nxserver)
>> has an error, and _it_ is working fine, too!
> I didn't think of that you suggested it and I tried it,
> discovered my video card messes up the monitor on the other screens with
> vertical
> colored lines.....uggh, ATI.  But that is another concern.  Would there be
> a way I could check this from within KDE?

I wouldn't blame ATI for this - it sometimes happens to me with Intel 915

You might try any of the other terminals first.  I find that when that
happens, it only happens to the first terminal I try.  So try
<ctrl-alt-f1>,  if you get the vertical lines, try the next one.  When you
see a good terminal, then try <ctrl-alt-f8>.  I just know that the log
messages must be available somewhere, but I can't find them either...

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