zeroconf and kubuntu

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Wed Jun 6 08:41:03 UTC 2007

Matthew Flaschen <matthew.flaschen at> writes:
> Donatas G. wrote:
>> How is zeroconf networking supposed to work on Kubuntu? Do I have to specify
>> something in the settings for my computer to automatically obtain IP address
>> when connected to another computer?
> You can't obtain an IP address that way, unless one computer is a
> server /router with a DHCP service enabled.

Yes, you can, because...

> Zeroconf is for computers with pre-assigned IPs (typically on a LAN
> with DHCP) to share services (like file, print, etc.).  It doesn't
> assign IPs itself as far as I know.

...this works together with the IPv4 "link local" addressing stuff that
XP has done forever to assign IP stuff on the local network.

>> I tried to simply connect two computers with a cable
> You can do this, but it's best to manually set IPs then.  Also, I
> believe you need a cross-over cable.

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