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Wed Jul 25 09:53:15 BST 2007


I am using a hp Compaq nx6110 and the most recent kubuntu. I always upgrade
packages when ever available. Recently, when I tried to paste a text file to
an Openoffice document I got an error message stating that JRE is not
working correctly. So, after many tries I removed Openoffice and installed a
new version. When I opened Openoffice word processor and type few letter the
software started to use all the resources of the computer. I checked it with
kde-process table and the load was about 90%. Then I removed the openoffice
and installed it using Add/Remove menu, adept, apt-get. Nothing changed!
When I opened the openoffice a recovery window appears and whether I accept
it or not nothing changes and  after the first few charters I type in
Openoffice starts to use all the resources. My wife's laptop (Toshiba) is
similar to mine and I upgrade it frequently. Openoffice works without a
hitch. What is going on?

Many thanks for the help
Osman Kemal Kadiroglu
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