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I am a noob but as I understand it automatix is a script program to
install various non free programs.  I used it on my 32 bit install
with the intention of getting my install to run what I considered my
basic needs with the least time, fuss & muss. I was mainly interested
in playing back my Cd's and getting my Nvida drivers going.  The
program did what it was supposed to do.  As I have my basic (to me)
install working fine I am now taking the time to explore the command
line etc.  I am not a weenie or religious user so I wanted to get up
and running as quickly as possible before the learning curve got steep
and slow.

On 7/25/07, Daniel Pittman <daniel at> wrote:
> Neil Winchurst <neil at> writes:
> > My thread about 32 bit v 64 bit versions of kubuntu brought forth some
> > interesting and varied replies. I think that I may give it a go when I
> > get the DVDs.
> >
> > Meanwhile, the topic of automatix has come up several times in the
> > thread. Dare I ask for comments about that?
> Sure.  Automatix is a tool that automatically installs various non-free
> components to your system without user intervention.
> Using it is considered to be a bad idea by the core Ubuntu developers,
> who recommend the detailed instructions found in the community
> documentation here:
> That covers all current (and future) versions of Ubuntu, includes
> detailed instructions on how to safely install these features and is
> generally well maintained and easy to use.
> You would be well advised, in general, to use those instructions in
> preference to Automatix, I believe.
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