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Neil Winchurst <neil at> writes:

> My thread about 32 bit v 64 bit versions of kubuntu brought forth some
> interesting and varied replies. I think that I may give it a go when I
> get the DVDs.
> Meanwhile, the topic of automatix has come up several times in the
> thread. Dare I ask for comments about that? 

Sure.  Automatix is a tool that automatically installs various non-free
components to your system without user intervention.

Using it is considered to be a bad idea by the core Ubuntu developers,
who recommend the detailed instructions found in the community
documentation here:

That covers all current (and future) versions of Ubuntu, includes
detailed instructions on how to safely install these features and is
generally well maintained and easy to use.

You would be well advised, in general, to use those instructions in
preference to Automatix, I believe.

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