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Greg Booth bootgr at
Thu Jul 19 20:18:28 BST 2007

On 7/19/07, Tim M <southern.tim at> wrote:
> My Thunderbird email reading program started messing up yesterday and I was
> instructed by the moderator of the Mozilla Thunderbird group to get rid of
> .msf (or something like that. I am at another computer right now) files. I
> was able to do that compact my folders (which I was told to do weekly . . .
> seems like that is a good use for an automated script) and to make a profile
> in Thunderbird. Part of the process was to make sure it wasn't running in
> the background so I was instructed to use kill or ps to stop it from
> running. I looked at the manpage for both and my eyes went blurry. How does
> one use kill to stop a program . . . how does one find the id of the program
> to use the command.
> tm
Ok, started typing, start not making sense.

Go here:

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