Speeding up KDE -- More Help Needed

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at gmx.de
Thu Jul 19 13:36:24 BST 2007

> 1.  Setting up Slack is HARD work.

Hell yes. 

> 2.  There is a big difference between getting it installed with the
> functions/hardware/software you need working, and getting it installed
> with the functions/hardware/software you need working correctly and
> efficiently.

I partially agree here. You don't just install mysql and debconf does the 
rest, you install the raw package, basically a tarball and then start hacking 
away config files. You get there, but slowly, but then again you know exactly 
what you did and what makes your box tick.

> In many ways, SLackware is the anti-K/Ubuntu. I don't say this as a
> criticism...Slack's devs are very upfront about what they are trying to
> accomplish...but no one would ever accuse Slac of doing too much
> handholding for the new and or ignorant. It's geekware, in the best
> sense of the word.

I so totally agree.
95% of the questions asked on freenode/#kubuntu would trigger rude remarks on 
##slackware. That's not always bad. I've considered more than once making a 
kub channel of my own and state in the topic that this is geekworld in some 
Something I miss from Slack.

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