Speeding up KDE -- More Help Needed

Greg Booth bootgr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 21:16:09 BST 2007

> > I am just off the bus with Kubuntu, I've been running KDE 3.5.4 on Slackware
> > 11.0 before and have to say it performed noticably better.
> > Like I said in another post, I usually forgot to suspend virtual machines on
> > another desktop before shutting down because I simply forgot they were there.
> > Now here when I have a WinXP vm in VBox running, everything slows to a crawl.
> > DVB on Kaffeine with postprocessing and deinterlacing plus some cpu load -
> > Kaffeine starts stuttering.
> > On Slack I could have VMware, Kaffeine and still have enough juice in this
> > Athlon XP 3200+ to encode some mp3.
> > (If I remember correctly Slackware packs are -march=i486 -mcpu=i686 and the
> > multimedia packages like xine all i686 by default.)
> > Haven't compared to other distros yet, will do when bigger disks are here.
> >
> > Dex
> >

Wow, is there that big of a difference between slackware and Ubuntu ?

I've always thought about trying it, what are some of the main
differences between Slack and Ubuntu ? How long does it take to get to
a stable setup ?


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