Kubuntu not reading files on one Windows machine? Also Treo Question.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Jul 16 14:29:52 BST 2007

Ian Whitfield wrote:

> Subject: Re: Kubuntu not reading files on one Windows machine?
> Ian Whitfield wrote:
>> > I have 4 Windows machines and one Linux machine on a network. The Linux
>> > machine will read all the files/printers on 3 of the windows machines
>> > only! All files etc are shared. The Windows machines can all 'see' each
>> > other fine.
>> > 
>> > Any suggestion where I should look for the difference? All I can think
>> > of is that the 3 that I can read are running NOD 32 whereas the one I
>> > can't read is running Trend as Anti-Virus. Could this be the problem??
> Derek replied -
> DHCP.  /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf should contain
>  send host-name "<hostname>";
> or may even have <hostname> replaced with your real host name.
> If you can do an "nslookup" for the linux host name from the windows
> boxes, you have no problem, if you can't, I'd bet it's not sending its
> hostname to the DHCP server, and if it isn't then netbios doesn't know its
> name, either.

> -- Derek Comment back from Ian.... Thank you Derek!! You are no doubt
> correct (or at least MUCH more knowledgeable than me) but your reply is
> completely meaningless to me being still a "newbe"!! Maybe we should
> indicate in the posts what level of understanding we have so as to
> receive help at a level we can understand. 

First you need to learn how to use your email program properly.  Quoting
like this makes it pretty difficult to hold a conversation.

I'm not sure you'll find much support forthe level of hand-holding you're
asking for.  If people start putting [Newbie] in their subject lines, a lot
of readers will just skip the question.  Sure some will help, but this is
Linux, and there's not a lot of interest in helping people who can't help

Given that I just told you to check the contents of a file, and run a
program IN WINDOWS, I can't see that I can make things much simpler for

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