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Tim M southern.tim at
Fri Jul 6 18:07:17 BST 2007

  I am going to repeat myself now. Look at

> for the functionality you desire. You can save to a server and other
> things
> with partimage. It is opensource and it works.

I downloaded and burned a copy of SystemRescueCd. It is not for the faint of
heart! It has a learning curve that is sort of high but I can see the value
in the program. I need to learn how to do several things with it before I
can really use it. I learned how to set up the network . . . that was easy
but the screen resolution and text size is a problem I haven't figured out.
I messed about with Gparted and would like to mess with Partimage. So you
were listened to . . . it just might be a little above my head right now. TM
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