Feisty problems

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 05:52:02 BST 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Monday 02 July 2007, Wulfy wrote:
>> Strange.  I just tried mplayer again and now the sound is working...
>> yet in KControl, the sound system is off!
>> I'm totally confused....  :@(
> The damn stupid idiotic ass KDE sound system needs to die.  They've been 
> talking about killing it for years, but it lives on for some unfathomable 
> reason.
It was all working well under Edgy.  Problems started when I upgraded to 
Feisty.  I've never had problems with sound that I couldn't fix before.  
I started with Linux just before Debian Sarge was released, then moved 
to Edgy.  While I have an adequate understanding of application 
programming, systems programming is way over my head.  I don't know how 
things work that far down in the guts of the OS.  :@(
> The only thing you need the KDE sound system for is to make beeps and boops, 
> and to play things with badly written KDE apps that know no other way to make 
> sound.
But I *like* my "beeps and boops"!  :@)
> I've been turning the damn thing off for years, and I've never missed it.  
> Some of the default KDE players don't work without it, but I just use MPlayer 
> for everything, and my life is less complicated.
MPlayer is a good app, but I prefer Kaffeine.  From the error messages I 
got, I think it's a problem with the xine backend, though the other 
possible backends just showed blank, so I don't know if I'm right.
> (What I'm telling you is that you probably fixed MPlayer by disabling the KDE 
> sound system.  It doesn't need it, and if it's running, it can prevent 
> MPlayer from making any noise at all.)
Well, when I looked at the process table after my failed attempt with 
the threaded version of oss, I found a huge amount of artsd daemons 
running.  Probably because each time the system started it went back and 
started again.

Is my problem unique?  Perhaps because I upgraded with aptitude rather 
than update-manager (which I couldn't find in the repositories)?



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