KDE upgrades and HAL

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Mon Jan 29 16:01:23 GMT 2007

The recent thread on whether kde 3.5.6 will be backported to Dapper made me 
think of this possibility.

I upgraded the KDE in Breezy to 3.5.4 (I think that was the last version 
Jonathan Riddel posted).  A dist-upgrade to Dapper went terribly wrong.  I 
fixed most things, but could never get hald to daemonize causing a lot of 
problems with iPods, samba mounts, etc.  I just read in the mentioned thread 
that Dapper shipped with 3.5.2.  

My dist-upgrade retained 3.5.4, which I have since upgraded to 3.5.5.  Could 
this have been the cause of the hellish dist-upgrade?  Any suggestions for a 
fix other than a fresh install?

Art Alexion

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