Kubuntu useless for ripping CDs

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 14:37:14 GMT 2007

> > I've never had trouble ripping a music CD to disk. Not once ever and
> > that's on old 386 PCs with questionable CD drives under Fedora right up
> > to Kubuntu on an AMD. I really think your problem is the CD in question.
> > Perhaps it's dirty?
> > Can one "rip" songs from an iso? Perhaps you can make an iso of your
> > entire CD and then try rip that? Whoa -- brain on fire ... must douse it
> Do you have grip installed?
locate grip gives me "grip.ko" in kernel drivers joystick (which seems off 
base :) ), so I would say no. 


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