SAMBA and Windows

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Wed Jan 24 13:39:20 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 05:44, Carlos Barros wrote:
> Hi list!
> I've spent last night trying to share a printer with my Windows XP, and
> gave up. Well, the problem is: Windows ALWAYS ask for a password,
> even to list the shares! And the worst, I had to manually sudo smbpasswd
> user
> to set a password (is there a GUI way????). Ok, here is my doubt:
> Is it possible to make Windows access a share (and list available ones)
> without a password?? I know Linux does this, but all you know, windows
> is kinda stupid :)

Will Windows not print through CUPS directly?  I'm sure you know the 
ipp://hostname.or.ip:631/printers/printerqueue format, and you shouldn't have 
to fool with passwords there.  I have an older Windoze PC here that I have 
setup to print through ipp, its just been a while since I have done it.

As for a file share, it should ask for a password unless userids and passwords 
are the same.  

See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

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