Make Konsole Open tabs automatically

Donn donn.ingle at
Sun Jan 21 14:46:20 GMT 2007

> I am really, I tried my best but could not do it. I will try to post
> this question in Forum but if have more info and help plz post.
Okay - I spent a moment to try, this is my take:
1. open konsole.
2. open all the tabs you want
3. cd them all to where you want them to be
4. goto Settings->Save session profile
5. type a name like 'bozo'
6. close konsole (all tabs)
7. from another konsole or Alt-F2:
konsole --profile bozo

So, now you can setup a shortcut or an icon using that command.
I still can't find how to make that the default. Even saving it as 'default' 
does not work. Settings->Save as default does not work either.


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