Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Jan 19 13:59:27 GMT 2007

Neil Winchurst wrote:

> I have been using Linux for some years now (more than five). When
> Kubuntu Edgy came out in October I installed it. I have been very
> pleased with it, after some tweaks and changes. I am sure that I will
> stay with it.
> However, one thing that I have learnt over the years is that upgrades
> just don't work.

My experience has been _very_ different.  I started with Corel Linux (based
on debian slink, iirc), dist-upgraded when they released a new version,
then dist-upgraded to the corresponding Debian version when it became
apparent Corel was going nowhere, dist-upgraded a couple of Debian versions
& finally dist-upgraded to Ubuntu Hoary.  Then I decided to do a clean
install of Ubuntu, and have dist-upgraded through Edgy.  I've occasionally
had problems - but almost always while playing with not-yet-beta versions
(and especially when they involved changes to libc6).  Just before
Christmas I did a fresh install of Edgy specifically so that I could
reinstall Windows (purely so that I could get hardware support from Dell).

> So Feisty is due out in April. So what do I do then? If I stay with
> Edgy, which is working just fine for me, will I have any problems? 

Why should you?  

> Am I 
> right in thinking that, after April, Edgy will no longer be supported?

No.  iirc, security updates will be available for 18 months (from release -
so another year after Feisty is released).

> Has anyone out there had a successful upgrade in Kubuntu? 

As mentioned above :-)

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