Firefox 2 on Dapper

Donn donn.ingle at
Wed Jan 17 21:10:29 GMT 2007

> I think this issue has been discussed to death, more or less (see below).
I'm getting that distinct feeling :D

> 1)  Distro makers love to tinker and have their own ideas about how
> software should run.  So they make changes to the software.  Some people
> can understand why.  I can not.
Given my ignorance about the details of the issue, I must agree with this. I 
have also got a feeling there are other reasons. Perhaps the time and money 
and focus that went into Windows really *is* something that Linux must still 
catch up with. I know it sounds radical, but why else should such a rapid 
rate of change be there.

> 3) What do I do?  I pick some of my favorite / important software packages
> (at least Firefox and Thunderbird) and uninstall the
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Debian/SimplyMepis version.  Then I download from the
> official site and install.  Works great!  Then I can update any way I want,
> including turning on automatic updates.  And if an extension doesn't work,
> I can check with other Firefox or Thunderbird users, because I have the
> same version they do, and the problem will get fixed faster.  If my problem
> with the extension is caused by my distro packager, forget about it.
That's fine for those apps that bother to include all (most) the stuff needed 
to run. I had specific trouble with Inkscape an wxPython in Fedora 3 that 
forced me to have to move up -- so I came to Kubuntu Dapper.

Anyway, I think this has been flagellated to a creamy death with a soggy 
brussel sprout now. Gnu/Linux is what it is and we all gotta do what we gotta 



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