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On Wednesday 17 January 2007 05:08, Donn wrote:
> What would you say the elemental difference is between the above and
> Windows 2000/XP ?
> I have written and distributed VB applications in my murky past. I recall
> having to include a reasonable amount of things like the ocx controls I was
> using and the runtime libraries (because they were not guaranteed to be
> installed), but after that I could rely on the GUI to work, I could rely on
> a rich and varied set of API calls to do any number of fancy things and
> that would always work from 95 to 2000 to XP.

First, because you distributed the ocx controls and didn't rely on the users 
to have or install them.  Second, the way Windows apps search for libraries 
benefits in this instance only in that they (these days) search in \Program 
Files\Common Files\<app or company name> then in the system folder.  If you 
look at \Program Files\Common Files\ you are likely to find lots of copies of 
the same libraries, sometimes different versions.  Before w2k  and this 
hierarchy, conflicting versions of libraries caused frequent windows crashes.  

Linux, on the other hand, keeps libraries in standard locations where all apps 
can find them.  When needed, because of potential conflicts, you can install 
non-distro apps in either /usr/local or /opt.

Use /opt for totally self-contained apps like Firefox, OpenOffice, Oracle, 
etc.  Use /usr/local for apps that want to use the standard locations for 
libraries but are not native to your distro.  They should the /usr/local tree 
should resemble your /usr tree with lib, share, bin and other subdirectories.  
This keeps them from interfering with your distro.

Art Alexion

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